Infant Toddler Consultant Curricula


Relationships: The Heart of Development and Learning Infant Toddler Development, Screening and Assessment Infant Toddler Curriculum and Individualization These three infant toddler modules were created to support consultants working in child care settings, especially consultants who have not had education or training specific to infants and toddlers in group care. The infant toddler modules provide content on early development and quality child care policies and practices for consultants working in child care settings serving children ages birth to three. The modules are designed to be incorporated into training that also addresses the critical skills and process of consultation.

Career Pathway: 

PD System Leaders

Coursework Educational Level: 

Continuing Education

Coursework Type of Credit: 

Clock Hours

Credit Notes: 

These modules were developed to be embedded in existing credentials or courses of training for consultants

Course Developer: 


Coursework Delivery Mode: 

Face to Face

Coursework Audiences: 

Coaches and Trainers

Learning Platform: 

Face-to-face training in small to large groups

Equipment Needed: 

1) Computer with internet access 2) Adobe Acrobat Reader

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English, Spanish