Teaching Supports

If you’re working in higher education, or as a trainer or coach, we have a lot of teaching supports to assist you!

  • Looking to develop or evaluate courses for the early childhood professionals you support? We have a framework you can use to help you do this. Course Framework
  • Looking for basic training, a CDA, AA or BA for the early childhood professionals you support? Browse Coursework
  • Want to video early childhood professionals to support improving practice? Online Digital Observation Tool
  • Want access to video clips of infants, toddlers and their educators for use in training and coursework? Infant-Toddler Video Clips
  • Want to learn more about relationship-based care? This series helps promote essential program practices to ensure quality within family child care and center-based programs that serve infants and toddlers. Practices for Relationship-Based Care


Early Educator Central offers these resources from guest authors:

Research Connections provides free, searchable, on-line access to over 33,000 research publications and research documents related to early care and education. These include journal articles, research reviews, government and think tank reports, fact sheets, and briefs.

Head Start and Early Head Start programs must implement curricula that meet requirements outlined in the Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS). This online Curriculum Consumer Report provides review summaries and ratings of comprehensive infant and toddler and home-based curricula. Use these reviews and ratings to learn how curricula meet effective, high-quality standards.

Annotated Bibliographies for Designing Higher Education Courses for Infant-Toddler Educators
Annotated bibliographies for those creating courses to support improved infant-toddler teacher competencies in the topics of culture, dual language learners, math, poverty, race, science and technology.