Teaching Supports

If you’re working in higher education, or as a trainer or coach, we have a lot of teaching supports to assist you!

  • Looking to develop or evaluate courses for the early childhood professionals you support? We have a framework you can use to help you do this. Course Framework
  • Looking for basic training, a CDA, AA or BA for the early childhood professionals you support? Browse Coursework
  • Want to video early childhood professionals to support improving practice? Online Digital Observation Tool
  • Want access to video clips of infants, toddlers and their educators for use in training and coursework? Infant-Toddler Video Clips


Early Educator Central offers these resources from guest authors:

Annotated Bibliographies for Designing Higher Education Courses for Infant-Toddler Educators
Annotated bibliographies for those creating courses to support improved infant-toddler teacher competencies in the topics of culture, dual language learners, math, poverty, race, science and technology.