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Online Digital Observation Tool

A critical part of the Know, See, Do, Improve framework is the "Do" that is sometimes difficult to measure without being side-by-side with a teacher in her program. Early Educator Central provides the Head Start Coaching Companion, an online digital observation tool, to make it easier for teachers to “do.” As part of professional development, teachers can record their teaching practices. After digitally recording their own practices, teachers can share the videos with their administrators, coaches, trainers, and faculty as appropriate. The observation tool can be used as part of training, coursework, communities of practice, or one-on-one reflective supervision.

Want to learn more about observation measures of teachers, as well as measures infant-toddler teachers can use to observe young children? See helpful tools from Early Educator Central guest authors below.

Shanon Moodie, Child Trends, Inc.

Learn more about developmental screening measures for infants and toddlers, as well as observation measures of teachers supporting infants and toddlers.